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TrollingAdventure testing Västra Silen

Trolling på Silen i Sverige

Last sunday we brought one of our boats to Västra Silen. There we met John Eddo that represents a new aluboat producer that are to be introduced to the scandinavian market. But of course we brought our fishing gear, and it didnt take long until the first salmon was landed by our new friend. Västra Silen is situated in Årjäng along E18 approx one hour by car west from Vänern. The area of the lake is 4834 ha, and it has a maximum depth of 55 m and the average is 28 m. In Silen you can catch both pike, trout and salmon by trolling. The old tales say it has been caught trout as big as 17,5 kg her. But we believe the most frequent trout and salmon are about 2-3 kg. Well, even if we didn’t catch «the big ones» at this time, we had some beautiful hours on the lake.


Buth thrust us: TrollingAdventure will come back for theese two salmon in a couple of years when they have achieved significantly bigger sizes 🙂